St Patrick's Day Festival in KYOTO  

It's held on March 21, 2014, at Shin-Puh-Kan!

This festival is run by your donations and by volunteers.

We appreciate your kind cooperation.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Twitter: senpato_kyoto


We are always looking for new volunteers!


Date: March.21th (Fri)  11:30~20:00

Location: Shin-Puh-Kan

(Banocho 586-2, Karasuma– Aneyakoji, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto)

(the nearest station is Karasuma Oike)

Time Table of the Stage 

11:30~11:35 The Opening Ceremony

11:35~12:15 Live Music: Momoyama Band, Momonga!

12:15~12:35 Open Air Music Session 1

12:35~13:15 Tamioto-no-Kai

13:15~13:35 Open Air Music Session 2

13:35~14:15 Workshop of Irish Song by *Komoe*  


14:15~14:35 Open Air Music Session 3

14:35~16:15 Workshop of Brittany Dance by Romain Jourdan         


16:15~16:35 Open Air Music Session 4

16:35~17:15 Live Music: Flukesta × Tamioto-no-Kai

17:15~17:35 Open Air Music Session 5

17:35~18:15 Live Music: Andonsha

18:15~18:35 Open Air Music Session 6

18:35~19:15 Live Music: Samurai Celt Mine × Tamioto-no-Kai

19:35~20:00 Finale Session!! Free-for-All


 <Open Air Music Session>

Several musicians improvise together in a circle. In Ireland, it’s very common.

Please join the circle, and feel closer to music. If you don’t play the instrument, don’t care. Anyone is welcome.

Cancelled in Case of heavy Rain



Workshop of Irish Song


Workshop of Brittany Dance


Finale Session


 <Giant Shamrock>

Colour or write your wish on a small shamrock card. Let’s make the Colourful Giant Shamrock from our cars!